Non Dimenticar

Cole Nat King

DNon di - mD9en - ti - Dmi7car
Means D6don't forF#miget you B7are myEmi7 dar - lA7, Cdimiing;
Emi7Don't forG/Bget to A9be Emi7all you A7/5+mean to mDe. Cdimi, Emi7, A7/9-
DNon di - mD9en - ti - Dmi7car
My D6love is F#milike a sB7tar, my Emi7dar - liA7, Cdiming,
Emi7Shining bright and clA9ear Em7, A7, Emi7just becA7ause you're Dnear. Dmi7
D7Please do not forAmi7get tD7hat our lips have Ami7met
D7And I've D7+5held you Gtight, Gmi7Dear; G, G6, G5
Emi7Was it Cdimidreams a -Bmi7 go E7 my heart Cdimifelt this Bm7/5-glow,
OrE7 only just toEmi7night, A7dear?
DNon di - mD9en - ti - Dmi7car
AlthD6ough you F#mitravel fB7ar, my Emi7dar - lA7, Cdimiing,
E7It's my heart you oA9wn, Emi7so I'll wait aA9lone,
First Time:
Emi7Non di - Gmimen -A7/9- ti - cD, Bmi7, Emi7, A7/9-ar.
Last Time:
Emi7Non di - Gmimen -A7/9- ti - caD, G, Gdimi, D9r.

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