Master of the wind


EbassIn the silence Emiof the darkness
Dbasswhen all are fast Emiasleep
EbassI live inside a dream Emicalling to your spirit
DbassAs a sail calls the wind, Emihear the angels sing
EbassFar beyond the sun Emiacross the western sky
DbassReach into the blackness Emifind a silver line
In a voice I whisper a Emicandle in the night
We'll Dbasscarry all our dreams
on a Emisingle beam of light
CClose your Heyes, Clook into the Hdream
CWinds of Hchange will Cwinds of fortune Hbring
EmiFly aCway to a Grainbow in the Dsky
EmiGold is at the Cend for Geach of us to Hfind
EmiThere the road beCgins
where aGnother one will Dend
EmiHere the four winds Cknow
who will Hbreak and who will bend
CAll to be the Dmaster of the Emiwind
Falling stars Eminow light my way
DbassMy life was written Emion the wind
EbassClouds above, Emiclouds below
DbassHigh ascends the dream Emiwithin
When the wind fills the sky
EmiThe clouds will move aside
DbassAnd there will be the road to all our Emidreams
And for any day that stings
EmiTwo better days it brings
DNothing is as bad as it seems

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